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You belong on this page if you are aware of the growing moral drift in America.  In particular you belong on this page if you see the turmoil in our society because of "sex" and "drugs or alcohol."  Also well covered here are child abuse and "infectious greed."

You also belong on this page if you are concerned about war and peace -- and are looking for a solution to world terrorism -- the wars that are supposed to end wars! This is a new feature of this web site -- click here for the beginning of this theme.

If you are aware of these areas as containing problems for our society, then you will find these pages of great interest and value to you.  We, many of us, worry about "the Middle East" or "heart disease," or whatever we worry about. But there are moral issues that are also extremely important.  Part of the problem in this area is that a large number of people don't even see the problems in these areas.

It is almost as if a large hunk of society has become insensitive to the moral outrages which another hunk of our society sees, only too clearly.  It is even novel for people to use the word "evil," but it is coming back -- a good sign.

Possibly one of the greatest divisions in society is between that group who sees nothing wrong with the sex, alcohol and drug behavior that is so common in certain sectors of society -- and another group that sees these problems clearly even if they wring their hands in desperation that nothing is being done about them.

Are we like the monkeys?  Speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil!  When it is all around!

There is a growing awareness of "moral drift" in America -- and most other countries.  If you don't think so, but are willing to read here, I think you'll become convinced.  If you DO see the moral drift in our society, then you'll find material to reinforce that, but even more importantly to take you onto the next step.

The unraveling of the corporate structure in America almost threatens to bring down the entire economy.  Moral corruption at the top -- among business leaders, politicians and celebrities?  Click here to read about Martha Stewart and some of the famous other CEOs who have fleeced their investors for many billions of dollars. Those people are well publicized, but the infectious greed seeps down much lower -- perhaps into your neighbor's house?  See what you think of the morality in our business world -- click here.

Abuse of children is uniformly frowned upon, yet there was a  "Danielle" who took up so many hundreds of hours of intense TV coverage about her murder.  That coverage never spent much time on the abuse she received at the hands of her sex-party parents.  Was that not child abuse in her home, unremarked by the neighbors -- many of whom joined in the drugging and sexing games they played while that little girl slept.  That tragedy soon passed into oblivion, only to be replaced by more recent TV tidbits.

The next step?

You should realize that man seldom sees the faults in himself -- but sees them clearly in others. That is OK, because that is the way this web site works.  We examine the moral drift "over there."    We have a solution for "over there," and in the process "right here" will be better too.

This web site features five of these "over there" areas:  "sex,"  "drugs or alcohol," "child abuse" and "infectious greed."   This web also covers the "moral drift"  creeping into our body politic!

Key to reaching agreement on morality, and thus peace on earth, is that each of us is willing to seek and live by truth.  This is an important subject, covered HERE.

He! That Guy Over There!  He Did It!

The next step for you on this web site is to learn, if you have not already realized it, that the morals problem "over there" can and does affect you "here."  It may come as a new thought to you that the destructive moral behavior around you can actually cause illness and upset in YOUR life.  Perhaps you already knew that?  In any event, this web site takes you into and through that concept.  The intent and purpose of this web is HERE.  The strongly religious person?  He should not expect to find here a moral code that takes him to the doors of God, or heaven.  I've covered that here.

Then, when you can be aware of the moral problems around you, particularly related to sex and drugs & alcohol, and that these problems can adversely affect you -- THEN, you are ready for the next step -- the solution. This is NOT a web site that just wrings its hands in silent apathy, but instead this is a web site that enthusiastically brings you a solution for these problems -- a solution that you can become a part of without much effort, and with no danger at all.

There is a book that is offered here for free -- a book of such common sense approaches to moral issues that it fills a void that badly needed to be filled.  The title of that Book is The Way To Happiness.  If you like what you read here, and see the hope for man in bringing some calmness to these areas of turmoil, then you may want to get your free copies of the book.

Click here to read some of the messages Karl has received from others who have visited this web.

If you read more you will even find a place where the author, Karl Loren, promises to personally answer any personal message you send him.  You can, indeed, even ask him for advice or opinions on moral questions you might have.  If you are interested in what others have said after reading the book offered from this web, click here.

This web site brings you references to a common sense moral code -- one that you can follow, and encourage others to follow.  I don't think you'll find anything in this moral code you can disagree with!  You'll say, "My goodness!  This is so basic, and so RIGHT!"  As you read through this web site, you'll see references to the problems in society -- problems that I call problems of morality.  These are the morality problems addressed in the common sense moral code that I am willing to send you at no cost.  This is a non commercial web site -- offering only information about this non-religious common sense moral code.

Associate of The Way to Happiness Foundation International, helping to bring happiness to individuals and their loved ones -- and helping to create safer, less violent communities and a more peaceful world. For more information visit or contact Karl Loren:  DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed by independent associates are not necessarily the views of The Way to Happiness Foundation International. Independent associates are responsible for their own content, including the truth and legality of the statements made, and represent that they have the legal right and authority to provide the content or graphics provided. The Way to Happiness Foundation International does not independently investigate the content an associate places on his or her web page(s) or any other promotional materials, and it expressly disclaims liability for same.


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