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Home Health Testing®

Over the years the speed and accuracy of marijuana drug testing using urine have made them one of the most accepted methods of drug testing. The same tests that our commercial division sells to employers, drug, family and juvenile courts, schools, drug counselors and rehabilitation centers are now available for home use.

Urinary drug tests generally fall into 2 categories: immunoassay tests and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry tests or GC/MS for short.

All immunoassays, whether they are performed in a laboratory (such as an EMIT® test) or the instant or on-site type like ours, have an approximate 5% false positive error rate. A positive test result from an immunoassay therefore, is a strong indication but not an absolute guarantee that drugs are present.

In a legal environment such as a pre-employment drug test, an immunoassay is often considered to be the first step in a two step process to look for the presence of drugs of abuse in urine. If the initial immunoassay is positive, the urine sample is sent to a GC/MS certified laboratory for a confirmation. A GC/MS confirmation is considered to be the "gold standard" in the drug testing industry and is 100% accurate.

Home Health Testing® now offers this same 2 step drug testing process to individuals for use in the privacy of their home. An immunoassay drug test bundled with a GC/MS confirmation that is FDA approved for home use.


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  • Immediate - results in 10 minutes
  • Highly accurate
  • Completely confidential - performed in your home
  • A simple to use urine test - much like a home pregnancy test
  • Prepaid GC/MS confirmation included
  • FDA approved for home use


We also have Drug Adulteration Strips to determine if a urine sample has been adulterated for purposes of passing or blocking a drug test. This product tests for:

Drug Adulteration Strip
  • Drug Adulteration Strips - 3 strips for $9.95



alcohol testing urine


alcohol testing urine


alcohol testing urine


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alcohol testing urine is a subject few parents want to deal with. We all want to trust our kids, and we often just hope they will do the right thing.

However, the choice, potency and availability of illicit drugs continue to grow. At the same time, the social pressures on young people to try drugs are unrelenting.

In a recent survey, only 14% of parents thought their children had used drugs. But 38% of the teens admitted they did.

This is especially alarming when you consider the transition time from experimentation to addiction: adults take 2-5 years while teen usually take only 6-18 months.

From Harmless Fun to Family Breakdown

Even marijuana can be more harmful than many parents think. It's much stronger now than it was in the 60's and 70's. Occasional use can very easily slip into regular use. The average age of first marijuana use is 14 - and by high school, nearly one in 20 high school seniors uses it on a daily basis.

Learning abilities and concentration are impaired. Grades fall. Sports, hobbies and longstanding relationships are abandoned.

School expulsion may occur. The legal system may be involved. The family is in conflict and torn apart.

Obviously it's far better if the situation never gets to this point. That's where the At Home Drug Test can help families.

A Great Reason to Say "No"

Taking a strong stand against drug use and implementing a random drug testing policy at home sends a very clear message to a child.

In fact, it can actually help them say no to drugs. "My parents test me and I'll get caught" is an excuse even the most persuasive friend will understand.

If even that deterrent proves to be insufficient, then regular random testing will catch drug use in the early stages, when it's much easier to deal with.

A Tool to Help Build Trust

The At Home product is not just a drug test.

For the price of the test you get free confirmation lab testing of preliminary positive results, referrals to professional family counselors and free educational materials - including family contracts.

Above all, this service is completely confidential. No permanent record is made of test results. The information is tracked solely by ID number, not by name.

The At Home product is designed not to create conflict, but rather to build trust and encourage open communication between parents and teenagers on the subject of drugs.


About PAS Systems International

PAS Systems International develops, manufactures and markets innovative drug testing, alcohol screening instruments and drugs of abuse test systems. These products have broad applications in law enforcement, education, commercial and transportation industries. The alcohol screening instruments are designed to detect low levels of alcohol in either ambient air or human breath by either passive or direct (active) test methods. Passive alcohol testing urines (PAS) are the first step in reliable and consistent breath alcohol detection for DWI/alcohol testing urine or Zero Alcohol Tolerance enforcement. User friendly on-site drug testing, when combined with aggressive alcohol monitoring, builds a drug-free environment. 




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