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If the race is to be freed from its crippling burden of good and evil, it must be psychiatrists who take the original responsibility."
(G. Brock Chisholm, past president, World Federation for Mental Health)

In 1940, leading British psychiatrist John Rawlings Rees and Canadian psychiatrist G. Brock Chisholm, co-founded the World Federation of Mental Health (WFMH).  Chisholm proclaimed that their goal was the “The reinterpretation and eventually eradication of the concept of right and wrong” and declaring that “If the race is to be freed from its crippling burden of good and evil it must be psychiatrists who take the original responsibility.”  (source)




      Creating Evil – Psychiatry: Destroying Religion is a booklet with a mission: it was released this month by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHR) and is a damning indictment of psychiatry’s destructive influence on religions. It calls on clergy from all denominations to denounce the degrading and costly effects of psychiatry and psychology in schools and community programs and says that theological schools and seminaries need to root out the “mental health quackery” that has infiltrated traditional religious training.

      President of the national U.S. office of CCHR, Mr. Bruce Wiseman said that the battle against soaring levels of violent crime, drug abuse, illiteracy and suicide among children will be lost unless churches unite to have psychiatry and psychology removed from the classroom. Revealing how destructive curriculum changes, the negation of traditional values and morality, and the wholesale drugging of school children with mind-altering psychiatric drugs have turned our schools into behavioral control clinics, the booklet stresses the need for religion to reassert its traditional responsibility for preserving and protecting the well-being and proper education of citizens.

      It also calls on clergy to examine how their own mission has been unknowingly perverted; how religions themselves have been weakened and in fact subjugated by humanistic psychiatry and psychology. Tracing this influence on religion from its historical roots to today, Creating Evil – Psychiatry: Destroying Religion shows how the declining influence of religion in society parallels with the decline of society itself, as record numbers of our youth fall prey to drugs, crime, homicide, illiteracy, suicide and gang membership.

     A cross section of clergy and religious scholars have already co-signed the booklet’s introduction. The Right Reverend Prof. Dr. Petro Bilaniuk of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada said the booklet is vital reading: “The spirit of materialism, of moral and sexual irresponsibility, of the degradation of the human being, has led to catastrophic results because of culprits like psychiatry, a pseudo-religion which subtly and perfidiously creates real havoc: faithlessness, hopelessness and lovelessness.”

      Wesley Wakefield, Bishop-general of the Bible Holiness Movement added: “The false salvation of psychiatry substitutes ‘guilt complex,’ ‘phobia,’ ‘psychosis,’ and ‘orientation’ for personal responsibility and moral sin. Its extended practice has increased the broken homes, conflicts, and social problems of the present.... If this were fiction, it would be laughable, but it is enforced and revered as truth, in spite of its own contradictory schools of opinion, its failures both in morals and mental health, its anti-God position, resulting in enormous tragedy.”

      Wiseman said, “Since the turn of the century, psychiatry and psychology have widely criticized and attacked religion as outmoded, irrelevant, unscientific and thereby ill-equipped to address the problems and stresses of modern society. In the 1960s, especially, psychiatrists convinced governments that their brand of help should be introduced into schools and the community. No one would have believed then that in 1997 our schools would be little more than mental health clinics, with curriculums that include youth classes on suicide or on designing your own funeral; that young students would be forced to answer questionnaires about masturbation, sex, and whether cheating and drugs are acceptable behavior, and that teachers would be told to mark not grades, but whether the child is exhibiting signs of so-called ‘behavior disorders.’ ”

      The compelling cover of the Creating Evil – Psychiatry: Destroying Religion – a serpent entwined around the cross against a background of nuclear and other disasters – aims to shatter the veneer that psychiatry and psychology are anything other than the antitheses of religion and religious values. Mr. Wiseman explained: “Psychiatrists used the first and second world wars, the threat of nuclear destruction and natural disasters referred to as ‘acts of God,’ to blame churches for failing to improve Man’s lot. Out of genuine concern for unity, peace and justice, churches accepted the altruistic-sounding criticism and ‘help’ of the new ‘sciences,’ to resolve contemporary social and political problems. Psychiatry and psychology provided a seductive vision of how they could assist.

      Rather than solving society’s problems, psychiatry and psychology have become the source of a new one. Their programs destroy educational standards, and have turned schools into behavioral clinics. They have ruthlessly invalidated the role of religion in ensuring a sense of community and values. We need to remove them from our education systems, from seminaries and theological colleges and eliminate their federal and state funding.

      While psychiatry’s destructive impact on religion and education began in the late 19th century, WWII was a major turning point.

In 1945, psychiatrist G. Brock Chisholm, co-founder of the World Federation for Mental Health, told the American Psychiatric Association:

“We have swallowed all manner of poisonous certainties fed us by our parents, our Sunday and day school teachers, our politicians, our priests, our newspapers and others with a vested interest in controlling us.... The results... are frustration, inferiority, neurosis and inability to enjoy living, to reason clearly or to make a world fit to live in.” He urged psychologists and psychiatrists to become leaders in the “planned development of a new kind of human being” and added: “Without the extensive help of psychologists and psychiatrists it is quite probable that mankind will not long survive the fearful changes which are taking place.”

      Wiseman stated: “We now see psychiatry’s promise of the ‘new human being’: five-year-old children attempting suicide using psychiatric drugs; one in 12 high school students attempting suicide each year and 24 percent contemplating it; heinous murders being committed by 12-year-olds, unprecedented levels of teenage rape, and more than four million schoolchildren on mind-altering, violence-inducing psychiatric drugs. This is what is causing crime and America having one of the highest suicide rates in the world.”

      Wiseman says that theological schools and seminaries need to recognize the dangers of psychology or psychiatry in their curriculums. American psychiatrists agree they are atheistic. David Larson, a psychiatrist and president of National Institute for Health Care Research, told a symposium at the Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena this year that “psychiatrists and psychologists have a higher level of skepticism and atheism than the general population, as well as a lower level of familiarity with religion.”

      “This is one major reason churches should be wary of psychiatrists,” Wiseman stated. The other is how damaging their treatments and methods are. The booklet concentrates on “Sensitivity Training” which was introduced into the U.S. by German psychologist, Kurt Lewin, through the National Training Laboratory (NTL) and partly funded by the National Education Association (NEA). Sensitivity Training was “developed to study how people could be socially and psychologically manipulated to give up their souls....” Also now known by numerous other names such as Encounter Groups, Gestalt, Conflict Resolution and Sensory Awareness Groups and broadly as “Values Clarification,” the technique was equated by psychologist Ed Schein with brainwashing. “Psychiatric Sensitivity Training destroys individualism, moral judgment and personal responsibility,” Wiseman stated.

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