Symptoms of depression – what is important to know about them?

The most common symptoms of depression can include above all: a clear and lasting (since several weeks to several months) decline in mood, irritability, apathy, reluctance to leave home, fear, aversion to being with others, suicidal thoughts, mutilation of the body, eating disorders, dizziness and sleep disorder, lack of energy, social withdrawal. One of the most characteristic symptoms of depression is the decline in mood and lack of enjoyment of simple steps in everyday life.

Declining self-esteem and the lack of self-confidence is painful. In addition, very important is also general well-being of the patient, as well as its look. People suffering from depression have limited facial expressions, and their voice is usually monotonous. The movements are sluggish, and sometimes tend to be nervous. Depression, depending on its type, may also be accompanied by psychosomatic symptoms such as eg. severe headaches, gastrointestinal pain, and convulsions. Such situations in everyday life are quite common, but they can also affect athletes who give up too quickly during exercising due to unsatisfactory performance. It is worth remembering that there are supplements for better well-being that are helpful in this situation. One such product is Energon X 1000 by Activlab. It stimulates the organism, reduces fatigue and sleepiness, and also improves concentration. It is based on herbs and minerals in order to ensure that people are physically active, feel better, and work more efficiently.

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